MLB’s 2017 of its “Dog and Pony Show”…better known as the Trade Deadline flurry of activity…has come and gone.  Some teams made major improvements, some decided to “stand pat” while others left baseball pundits scratching their collective heads. While not wanting to dwell on individuals trades, I did want to throw out a few numbers:

There were a total of 26 trades completed in the week leading up to the deadline (July 15 through July 31). Of those trades, 18 of them involved players who were in the final year of their contracts meaning that they would become free agents at the end of the season. Over the past several years, baseball GMs have tried to tried potential free agents and try to get something in return before letting them walk at the end of the season.

One particular player was traded twice in a span of six days! Jaime Garcia was traded from the Braves to the Twins on July 24.  Garcia made exactly one start for the Twins before he was sent packing again, on July 30, to the Yankees. This sometimes happens during the off-season; however, not many times during the course of the season!

Garcia being traded twice in six days will probably not make the top five all-time weird trades in MLB history.  How about the case of John McDonald, who was actually traded for himself!  On July 22, 2005, McDonald went from Toronto to Detroit.  Less than four months later, he went from Detroit back to Toronto!  At least McDonald did not have to unpack, pack, and unpack again…like Garcia did!

The one difference in this year’s trade activity that I noticed is that a couple of players who were traded are injured and are out for the rest of the season!  Dustin Fowler was part of the Sonny Gray trade with Oakland and was sent to the Athletics…however, he had right knee surgery and is not due to return this season.  Same scenario is true for Matt Strahm, who was traded from the Royals to the Padres.  He had left knee surgery and is out for the season.


Teams were actually allowed to trade injured players?  Teams traded for these players not knowing if and when theses players will return from knee injuries?  Are you kidding me, right now?  Why would anyone trade for damaged goods? Strahm is a pitcher and his knees are very important to the success of an MLB pitcher.  How can MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred allow this to happen?

What will the Athletics and/or Padres do if these players…somehow…never come back from these injuries?  All I know is:  I would never, EVER, trade for someone who is recovering from knee surgery.

Is all the trading done, now that the deadline passed?  Not really.  A player still can be traded in August; the only caveat is that any players involved in a deal must clear waivers…that means, no other team puts a claim in for said players.  Therefore, we still may or will have some trades still happening.

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