If you have followed college football for as long as I have, you would agree that the post-season bowls have been dramatically de-valued. The reason is simple: There are WAY TOO MANY bowls. The solution is just as simple: Take a chain saw and cut the number of bowls down to a workable amount, where teams with 5-7 records are not even going to be considered.

My plan may be too dramatic, but I believe that there should only be ten bowls…the oldest ten in existence. The bowls should NOT be used for the playoffs…those should be separate from the bowls. So, if my plan of 10 bowls, plus the two playoff games (to be played at neutral sites), is to work, the top 24 teams in the playoff rankings would be used. Instead of having to choose 5-7 teams, there would be schools with nine or ten wins that WOULD NOT be selected by a bowl. We need to get back to the time when a school had to EARN a bowl berth.

Using the above formula, and using the final college rankings, this is how the bowl matchups would be at the end of the 2016 season:

Because New Years 2017 falls on a Sunday, there are no games scheduled for that day. Traditionally, the Rose Parade and college games are scheduled for the following Monday. The Rose Bowl, “The Grandaddy Of Them All”, would still be played after the Rose Parade. It would be followed by the two playoff games on the same day. The championship game would be played on the following Monday. There really is no need for college football to wait nine or ten days between the playoff games and the championship games.

2016/17   College Football Bowl Schedule

Date                Day                 Bowl                            Site               TV                   TIME

Dec.    24             Sat.       Battle Frog Fiesta Bowl (10)   Glendale         ESPN              12:00

Tennessee versus Temple

Dec.    24               Sat.       Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl (9)    Atlanta          ESPN             3:30

Navy versus Utah

 Dec.   24            Sat.     AutoZone Liberty Bowl (8) Memphis/Nashville  ESPN         7:00

    Florida versus LSU

Dec.    26        Mon.     Citrus Bowl  Orlando (7)              ESPN              12:00

Baylor versus Houston

 Dec.    26        Mon.       Gator Bowl (6)    Jacksonville    ESPN              3:30

Oregon versus Oklahoma State

 Dec.    26        Mon.       Cotton Bowl (5)           Dallas       ESPN              7:30

Northwestern versus Michigan

 Dec.    31        Sat.           Sun Bowl (4)  El Paso/San Diego   CBS              12:00

TCU versus Ole Miss

Dec.   31         Sat.           Sugar Bowl (3)  New Orleans         ESPN           3:30

Florida State versus North Carolina

 Dec.    31        Sat.      One Orange Bowl (2)  Miami                  ESPN            7:00

Ohio State versus Notre Dame

 Jan.     2         Mon.       Rose Bowl (1)              Pasadena            ESPN            1:30

Stanford versus Iowa

 Jan.    2          Mon.        Playoff Game #1         Neutral Site      ESPN            4:00

Alabama versus Michigan State

 Jan.    2          Mon.       Playoff Game   #2          Neutral Site    ESPN            8:00

Clemson versus Oklahoma

 Jan.     9         Mon.         Championship Game   Neutral Site   ESPN           8:00

Because New Years Day, 2017, falls on a Sunday, the Rose Parade and the games would be played on Monday, according to previous tradition.

The numbers in parentheses are the age ranking of the bowls; e.g., the Fiesta Bowl is the 10th oldest; the Rose Bowl, “The Grand-Daddy of Them All”, would still be played on the day of the Rose Parade.

So, that it my solution. I would love your feedback on this and please feel free to come up with a solution of your own.


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