Over the past several weeks, as I watch close to 15 college football games per week, I started wonder about what happened to certain aspects of the game. Here are some of them:

Whatever happened to:

  • The Forward Lateral. Used to be that quarterbacks could not lateral the ball forward; it was illegal and a penalty. Nowadays, they have renamed it a “shovel pass”.
  • “In the Grasp”. When a player was bottled up by the defensive team and was on his way down to the ground, he could not throw the ball away. Now, a player can be falling to the ground and can still throw the ball.
  • “Stickum”. This was a substance that was used in the 1970s by defensive backs to help them intercept a ball. Today, it has been replaced by “sticky” gloves…and don’t try to tell me differently! All of these “circus” catches are a direct result of players (both offense and defense) wearing gloves that are very, very sticky.
  • Traditional Uniforms. Some athletic apparel companies have been providing teams with “alternative” uniforms. To them, I say: STOP! Stop messing with tradition! Yesterday, I counted four teams that were wearing all-black uniforms. Interesting…are we going back to the pre-color TV days? NO MORE! I am glad that teams like Alabama and Penn State have stuck to traditional uniforms. Also, some teams have decided to go back to uniforms without numbers. Since we cannot buy a program at home, please put names back on uniforms!
  • Solid Tackling. Can somebody please tell players that you cannot tackle a runner up high, especially when they are running by them. I have developed a habit of counting the number of missed tackles when someone breaks a long run or a kickoff/punt return for a touchdowns.
  • Good Officiating. If you don’t think officiating has been horrible this season, go ask the Duke Blue Devils and Michigan State Spartans. They were absolutely hosed by officiating. I am glad that the ACC suspending the officials of the Duke/Miami game…other conferences need to follow suit. I was watching the Oklahoma/Baylor game on Saturday night. The Sooners scored a touchdown on a passing play to take a 10-point lead. Too bad the officials did not catch an Oklahoma Offensive lineman about five yards down field!
  • Defense. I have never seen so many teams with absolutely terrible defenses! In the FBS, there are only nine teams that have allowed less than 300 yards total offense…NINE! That is out of a total of 128 FBS teams. Eight teams are giving up 40 or more points a game. Somebody teach some defense!

With three weeks of the college football season remaining, I truly hope that the conferences will schedule the best officials possible to make sure showdown games are not tainted by blatantly bad calls.

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