In an earlier blog, I explained why I was NOT voting in this year’s Major League Baseball All Star ballot; however, that does not mean I have some players in mind whom I WOULD have voted for…All Stars deserving of a trip to Cincinnati.  Below are my top two (or three) candidates for each position:


1B—Miguel Cabrera       .345            15               53      (He gone!  DL for six weeks)

1B—Prince Fielder         .345            12               49

1B—Albert Pujols           .263            24               49

1B—Jose Abreu             .291              14               44

(Prince hands down favorite to win comeback player of the year in AL)  (When Pujols is healthy, he can stroke with the best of them!)

2B—Jason Kipnis          .347            6                35

2B—Jose Altuve             .298            7                33

2B—Brian Dozier           .265            16               40

(Sorry, Royals fans…Omar Infante is not CLOSE to being an All Star!)

3B—Manny Machado     .302            16               44

3B—Josh Donaldson     .300             19                52

(Machado may give Prince a run for his money for C-O-Y)

SS—Jose Inglesias         .324             1                11               9—SB

SS—Xander Bogaerts     .297            3                35               4—SB

(If I DID cast All Star ballots, I probably would not have voted for ANY shortstop!)

OF—Mike Trout             .303            21               44               9—SB

OF—Nelson Cruz           .303            20               48

OF—Jose Bautista         .246            16               55

OF—J.D. Martinez         .281            21               76

(Not even Royals fans can screw up on Mike Trout!) (J.D. proving that last year was no fluke)

(Cruz will probably be selected as the DH)

C—Salvador Perez          .263            13               34

C—Steven Vogt              .290             13               53

(Vogt has the better numbers but Perez is one of the better all-around catchers in the game.)

SP (Starting Pitcher) Dallas Keuchel               10      3        2.03            102—Ks

SP—Sonny Gray                                                     9       3        2.09            97—Ks

SP—Chris Archer                                                   9       5        2.18            141—Ks

SP—Felix Hernandez                                          10      4        3.05            100—Ks

SP—Chris Sale                                                        6       4        2.87            141—Ks

(Yes, Sale is only 6-4 but he is in a 3-way tie for most strikeouts…also, he has 8 straight games of 10+ Ks)

RP—(Relief Pitcher)   Darren O’Day                 G-32           5-0    1.16 ERA    0.81 WHIP*

RP—Wade Davis                                          G—35                   4-1    0.26 ERA    0.80 WHIP

RP—Dellin Betances                                   G—36                   4-1    1.11 ERA       0.84 WHIP

RP—Glen Perkins                                       26-26 Saves          1.35 ERA               0.93 WHIP

CL—Huston Street                                      23-26 Saves          2.14 ERA              0.89 WHIP

CL—Zach Britton                                        23-24 Saves          1.82 ERA               1.01 WHIP

*WHIP means walks and hits per innings pitched.

(Not all of these pitchers are going to be selected…if a pitcher starts on July 12, they will automatically be ineligible to play in the All Star Game).

TOMORROW:       National League All Stars

The All Star starters will be announced Sunday, July 5 on ESPN…the rest of the All Stars will be announced Monday.  Then, there will be a vote for the final spot on each All Star team.

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