Luke Ridnour, an 11-year veteran out of Oregon, re-defined the term “journey-man” when he was involved in three trades in less than 24 hours!  That recent flurry of activity means that Ridnour has now been on seven teams, even though some of them were just on paper.

It all began this past Tuesday when the Orlando Magic, for whom Ridnour played 47 games this past season, traded the 6’2”, 175 pound point guard to the Memphis Grizzlies.  The following day, before the NBA draft took place, Memphis flipped him to Charlotte, where he played 25 games for the Hornets in 2013-14.  Before he could digest that trade, Ridnour was off to Oklahoma City to meet up with the Thunder.

Starting his career up in Seattle in 2003, Ridnour in essence returns to the team where he began…the Seattle franchise, The SuperSonics, moved to Oklahoma City and was re-named The Thunder.  After five years with the Sonics, Ridnour went to the Milwaukee Bucks for two seasons, then to Minnesota for three years, back to Milwaukee, then on to Charlotte and, finally ended last season in Orlando.  WHEW!

This story might have a good ending, since Ridnour goes from a team that has struggled to make the playoffs, to a team that has perennially made it to the post-season.   However, as a point-guard, Ridnour will be a backup to a player named Michael Westbrook.  And, oh by the way, OKC just drafted Cameron Payne, a point guard out of Murray State!

Any bets that Ridnour will begin training camp with another team?

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