Question:  How many sports-talk stations are needed in a major metropolitan area?  Answer: apparently, the number is five (5) [number added for emphasis!].  With the birth of the newest sports station at AM-980 KFWB (called “The Beast”…I don’t know the relevance of that names to sports), the metropolitan Los Angeles area now has five…count ’em, FIVE!…sports-talk radio stations.

Beginning at the bottom of the “AM Dial”, we lead off with AM-570, KLAC.This station is anchored by “The Dan Patrick Show” in the mornings, with nothing else to be really enthusiastic about until Dodger baseball games come on with the great Vin Scully (see another of my blogs about Scully’s longevity).  It is also the flagship station for U.C.L.A. college sports.

Next up the dial is AM-710, KSPN or ESPN radio.  It begins the morning with the radio version of “Mike and Mike”, but recently cut that show from four hours to two…deciding to substitute the “ESPNLA Morning Show” with Kelvin Washington and Travis Rodgers.  The only good thing I learned about Washington is that he attended the same college that I did, way back in ’67…Eastern Michigan University.  Rodgers came over to KSPN from another sports-talk radio station, AM-830, KLAA.  He used to be connected to “The Jim Rome Show”.

After the “ESPNLA Morning Show”, AM-710 goes to the ESPN network for “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd, and then back to local programming, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  It is also the radio home for Lakers’ basketball and USC college sports.

Further up the dial is the aforementioned AM-830, KLAA, a very local sports-talk station, centered in Orange County.  Its biggest claim to fame is being the flagship station of Angels’ baseball, and Ducks’ hockey.  That causes a conflict when both of those teams are playing at the same time.  The station’s biggest personality is Roger Lodge, who has a show called “The Sports Lodge” (get it?) in the afternoon. I tried to access the station’s web site to see who else has shows on KLAA but I kept getting the infamous “This Page Cannot Be Displayed”, so I gave up.

Number four on the dial is the newest sports-talk radio station, AM-980 KFWB (formerly an all-news, all the time station). It is the new local affiliate for CBS Sports Radio. The anchors for this station are Jim Rome (finally back on an L.A. radio station…which is good since he broadcasts from L.A.) and local sports hero, Fred Roggin. “The Beast” is also the home of Clippers’ baseketball.

Finally, if you have a top-notch radio and live in an area with strong reception, there is AM-1090, XTRA in San Diego, dubbed “The Mighty 1090”. We in the L.A. area had to go to this station to catch Jim Rome…but now that he is back on an L.A.-based station, we don’t really have to go there (unless we want to catch the Padres or Chargers.

Now, if you want to get technical, there is a sixth station where you can hear sports…AM-1150, “The Patriot” which carries Los Angeles Kings hockey broadcasts; however, it is not a sports-talk radio show, per se. Nevertheless, if you count Kings’ hockey, that would add up to six different stations that carry sports of one kind or another.

So, if you don’t like what one radio station is saying about your favorite team or person, there are four more that you can choose from. Have fun!

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