He Went Ballistic Over…CORN?!!

I kid you not!  I saw a person go ballistic over corn!  More specifically, a cob-ette of corn!  Not a whole ear of corn, but a cob-ette!

My friend Shane and I were at the local El Pollo Loco last Friday, getting a bite to eat before I was heading home to California for the weekend.  This older gentleman was in the store, waiting for his order.  When he received it, he complained that he did not get enough cob-ettes of corn!  When the hostess told him that he only got one cob-ette of corn for the order he placed, he went absolutely ballistic!

That’s not what your on-line menu said, he huffed.  It says that I am supposed to get two cob-ettes of corn!  No, said the hostess, that combo gives you only one cob-ette of corn.  Are you telling me that your online menu was wrong? he blustered.

By now, the assistant manager was in on the bruhaha.  Her mistake (and you could probably forgive her because she was all of 25 or 26), was trying to go toe-to-toe with the guy.  Sorry, you just don’t try to out-argue someone who is graying at the temples.

Now, the situation could have been easily diffused if the assistant manager would have turned around, grabbed a cob-ette of corn and gave it to the guy, chalking it all up to experience.  BUT NO!  She was right and she was NOT gonna give in to this guy!

Shane and I stood there, waiting for our order and just shaking our heads and smiling at each other.  I wondered what the guy would have done if he had been shorted a whole ear of corn!

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