A recent article told of a high school girls’ basketball coach who was suspended two games for running up the score against another girls’ team.  My question is:  Why was he the only one to be punished?  There is plenty of blame to go around…the coach of the winning team should not be the scapegoat for this atrocity.

Here are the facts:  On January 5, Arroyo Grande High School from San Bernardino, California, defeated Bloomington High in girls’ basketball by the score of 161-2.  Subsequently, the Arroyo Grande Board of Education apparently did not take a liking to this lambasting and suspended coach Michael Anderson.  I wonder if the board took into consideration that the Bloomington girls’ team has an overall record of 0-15; they have scored in just single digits in eight of those losses and the most points the Bruins have scored this season is 23…23!…for an entire game!

How about some discipline for Bloomington head coach Dal Chung for running this hapless team onto the court every couple of days? How about Bloomington’s Athletic Director who, after about the Bruins’ ninth or tenth loss in a row, did not approach his Board of Education and tell them that, perhaps, they need to cancel the rest of the season? Or, just have the girls play just for the experience and not have the game officials keep the score?

As long as people are pointing fingers, how about the officials who witnessed this carnage? After Arroyo Grande was leading, 57-0 after one quarter, they could have called the two coaches together and told them they were going to use a running clock for the rest of them game.  Or, even asked the coaches if they wanted to continue the game.

Some were complaining that Coach Anderson was employing a full-court trap for the entire first half.  Well, Arroyo Grande is 16-1 and they are going to be playing in the post-season.  They  needed  to work on their game. I mean, what were they supposed to do? Purposely throw up “Bricks”?

Not too many know that, after they absorbed that drubbing at Arroyo Grande has lost games by scores of 51-13, 56-9, 49-8 and 48-8.  Should those winning coaches also be suspended?

Bottom line is this: It was an unfortunate game and both teams need to  move on.  A sports talk show host commented that the Bruins’ girls will forget this game…the adults won’t. I don’t know about that!  I still remember playing Little League baseball and losing by a score of 44-0…TWICE!  It has not affected what I have accomplished in my lifetime; but I still remember it…and I was only 10!

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