Where will the ax drop in the MLB?

As we get towards the end of the Month of May, and division races seem to be getting set, one wonders who will be the first manager to get fired in the 2013 season. Looking at the standings, there are a couple of possibilities.

In the National League, the likely candidate is Don Mattingly. His Dodgers are only 13-20, are in last place in the Western Division, and just got swept out by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Face it: Donnie Baseball was a great player but a lot of times, great players do not make great managers. Neither Ted Williams nor Frank Robinson were good managers.

The Miami Marlins are only 10-25 but after their fire sale after last season, they were not expected to do well in the first place. So, Mike Redmond should not expect to be fired, given the roster that he has. Same goes for Dale Sveum with the Cubs, but Cubbies fans were wondering why the Ricketts family would hire someone who had no prior managing experience.

In the American League, the most likely candidate would be John Gibbons of the Toronto Blue Jays. After making so many high-profile acquisitions during the off-season, the Jays are 13-22 and John Gibbons is on the hot seat. How much patience the Toronto front office has may decide the outcome of this one.

Not many believe the first American League manager to get the ax would be Mike Scioscia, even though the Angels are only 11-22 and just one win better than the lowly Houston Astros. Would Arte Moreno fire the manager with the most tenure in the majors? Most say no, but SOMETHING needs to be done to jump-start the Angels.

So, when all is said and done, perhaps NO managers would get fired, at least before the All Star break. But, you never know. That’s what makes baseball so darn much fun!

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