Inclement Weather Hampering MLB

The 2013 major league baseball season has been hampered by inclement weather since the start of the season. From snow to cold, to high winds, there have been a total of 17 games that have been postponed since the start of the season. That is not to mention some games that were played…but the players were so bundled up, I am wondering how they could hit, field or pitch. And the fans? Who wants to sit in frigid weather watching a game? There was a video of a game from Colorado where a fan made a snowman and had it sit in a seat next to him!

I guess there are some solutions to be considered; after I keep asking myself: “Why didn’t teams like the Colorado Rockies, Minnesota Twins and the Washington Nationals build their stadiums like retractable roofs?

A couple of years ago, someone made a suggestion that the first two weeks of the season be played in stadia with either warm climates or retractable roofs. There are plenty available in both leagues. In the American League: Toronto, Seattle and Houston all have retractable roofs and Tampa Bay has an enclosed stadium. Texas, Oakland and the Angels all are in warm climates.

For the National League: Milwaukee, Arizona and Miami have retractable roofs and Atlanta, San Francisco, the Dodgers and San Diego all have warm climates.

So, the solution would be to have these cities host games for the first two weeks of the season and the other teams would travel until the weather in their area can get better. This would be an even more feasible solution nowadays with more inter-league games. When the Dodgers visited Baltimore this past weekend, their game on Friday was rained out; they had to schedule a doubleheader the following day. Just think what would have happened if another of the games had been rained out!

MLB needs to come up with a solution to battle inclement weather.

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